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Amara's Science Links

As the name implies, this is basically just a set of links to other sites compiled by Amara Graps, an astronomer living in Rome. As such, it reflects her own personal and professional interests, but the list is very long, and there is a LOT of good stuff on it.

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Physical Sciences Resource Center

The Physical Sciences Resource Center (PSRC) is maintained by the American Association of Physics Teachers and geared towards physics teaching resources.

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The PhysicsWeb site is maintained by the Institute of Physics. It has news and articles as well as links to other resources. It's seems a bit chaotic, but there is a lot of physics stuff there.

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Usenet Physics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most usenet newsgroups have a FAQ page that people are encouraged to look at before posting a question to the whole list, and the physics group is no exception. Why is the sky blue? Go to the FAQ page. Knew that one? Try What is Hawking radiation?

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Physics Texts to Download

Benjamin Crowell of Fullerton College has written and produced texts for three different general introductory college physics courses and made them available for free download as pdf files at this site. Light and Matter is a series of six books designed for a one-year non-calculus course. Simple Nature is for a three-semester introductory course with calculus. Discover Physics is for a one-semester nonmathematical ("conceptual") introduction. Basically, Crowell was fed up with bloated text books (too broad, not deep enough) that cost too much, so he wrote his own books and offers them for free. You'll have to decide if he succeeded, but it doesn't cost you a cent to find out. Not only that, you can edit them (add a topic, improve an explanation) and still use them!

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Martindale's Virtual Physics Center

Jim Martindale's Center is another "monster" site for physics links, organized by topic.

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