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"I can't imagine teaching real 'modern' physics without it!"
Prof. John S. Risley, North Carolina State University
Editor Physics Academic Software

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Other Physics Education Software

Physical Sciences Centre Courseware GuidePhysics Academic Software

Physical Sciences Centre Courseware Guide

This site of the British Higher Education Academy has a rather extensive database of physics courseware for university level physics with summaries and web links. There were eight listings under nuclear and particle the last time we checked, but there are also the Quantum and Relativity categories that might be relevant to particle physics. Also, check out the software reviews.

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This PhysicsLink.com page has a few reviews of physics software and numerous links to other sites dealing with physics software, some of them educational.

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Physics Academic Software

Physics Academic Software is an enterprise of the American Institute of Physics led by Prof. John Risley of North Carolina State University. Its goal is to provide a source of physics teaching software that has been certified to be useful, functional, and well documented. An enormous amount of physics teaching software has been written by professors and students over the years, some of it good, some of it unuseable. PAS saves you the trouble of sifting through the junk to find the gems and provides you with the user manuals you need. Of course that doesn't come free, but many will find the price well worth paying. There are many titles in the PAS catalog, though only a small percentage deal with modern physics. While new titles continue to be added, there are still a lot of "vintage" programs available, so if you are running DOS or have a Mac Plus you're in luck.

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